VITMMB04 Smart City Laboratory

Announcement for the students of specialization "Smart city" of BME VIK M.Sc

First laboratory exercise of the subject will be held on 6 February, 2018 in the room IB.213 at 10.00 AM. This occasion is not a real exercise but a brief informational meeting. The schedule of groups (pairs of sudents, who will do an exercise together) will be published. I suggest that students arrange group assignment.

The schedule for 22 student groups (actually pairs) has been prepared after all.The registration was done, group Y has been left empty. The current arangement of groups can be found here.

Objectives of the infocommunications laboratory subjects:

The objective of this subject is to introduce representative elements of the hardware and software building blocks which support smart-city-concept and the usage of these elements to plan and fulfill system-level measurements or to evaluate case studies.

Information about the laboratory subjects:
Contact: Tamás MAROSITS, TMIT, IB.212, Tel.:21-21, Email:
Datasheet and requirements of the subject: Server at Dean's Office

Laboratory exercises:

Reports of the laboratory exercises should be sent after completion of the measurement tasks to the teacher of the exercise and to Tamás Marosits. One report should be written for a pair of students. The name of the file should be the family names of both of the students without accent connected with a low line ("_"). Reports will be evaluated by the teacher on the spot. (Students will get a mark for that exercise.)

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