VITMM311 Infocommunications Laboratory II.

Announcement for the students of specialization "Infocommunication systems" of BME VIK M.Sc

First laboratory exercise of the subject will be held on 12 February, 2015 in the room IB.210 at 10.00 AM. This occasion is not a real exercise but a brief informational meeting. Previously the schedule of groups will be published. I suggest that students arrange group assignment.

The schedule for 8 student groups (actually pairs) has been prepared after all. The registration can be done personally (this is preferred) immediately after the first meeting on 12 February or later in the IB.211 laboratory room or via e-mail in the order of arrival.

Objectives of the infocommunications laboratory subjects:

The objectives of this laboratory subjects are on one hand to supplement the knowledge taught in the theoratical subjects of the specialization with practice, on the other hand to get the tools and methods used in engineering practice aquired on skill level, in order to prepare the students for the creative activity to be carried out in the project laboratory subjects as well as in the engineering practice.

The teaching of the subject take place in the course of laboratory exercises, which means guided measurements on an operating telecommunication test network covering the specialization.

Information about the laboratory subjects:
Contact: Tamás MAROSITS, TMIT, IB.212, Tel.:21-21, Email:
Datasheet and requirements of the subject: Server at Dean's Office

Laboratory exercises:

Reports of the laboratory exercises should be copied after completion of the measurement tasks to the directory ALPHA/PUB:/MERESEK/vitmm311/TTMER9, TTMER13, TTMER15 etc... (N:\MERESEK\vitmm311). On report should be written for a pair of students. The name of the file should be the family names of both of the students without accent connected with a low line ("_"). Reports will be evaluated by the teacher on the spot. (Students will get a mark for that exercise.)

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